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05 February 2009 @ 10:21 pm
These past few months have been a blur. Nothing is ever clear anymore. Everyone is careless nowadays, and I guess in a sense it's quite nice because you don't have to worry about the drama that comes along to nudge you on the shoulder but than at times, you feel that your friends don't really pay attention to anything anymore.

Ah, I don't know. Maybe I'm over-reacting but it's still bothersome. Hm, let's see, not much has happened recently. I gave Mien her vest she's been wanting for a while back. I took it away from Kim the moment I had the chance to and decided to, why the hell not, return it to her. It was slightly awkward because her father invited me inside but I felt that would've been rude, because of the situation, but before I could ask him to just give the box to her, he called for her. Ha ha, he makes me laugh.

My black friends in class were rapping today. It was hilarious. We were supposed to be building our paper bridge but because Mrs. Green didn't give us any supplies, we just sat there for an hour and thirty minutes entertaining ourselves. I didn't mind but I have a feeling I'm going to fail the Science TAKS this year. Like, honestly, she has NOT taught us anything. Nothing, ZIP. asdkfj; UGHH.

Ally is about to be over and we're most likely going to be heading over to Bobby's to play rock band, yell at the top of our lungs at Ally because she butchers EVERY PIECE OF MUSIC, watch a great movie, pull an all-nighter, go get donuts at 5 AM and than walk around the park. Hm, sounds like a good night.

I'll have to wake up tomorrow and finish all of my homework so I can have a guilt-free weekend on Saturday. Now that's what i'm talking about. Hmph, well I guess that's a mini-update. I suppose I can start back up on blogging. =]
04 October 2008 @ 04:26 pm
So a lot of things have happened in the past three months. Animefest was here and although I had an awesome time, it was really depressing. A shitload has happened and, as much as I didn't want to be involved in things, certain changes have attributed to my bitterness. I try really hard to be as optimistic as possible but it's like, the effort you put into everything doesn't come out with the results you were expecting.

School is great. I mean, the work they give you will, always and forever, be a nuisance but going to a school where you grew up with most of your friends is awesome. I will always complain about the work but it's just one of those habits I can't break.

I feel that friends are becoming acquaintances and acquaintances are slowly passing by. My hospitality and kindness is running dry.

Where has Thoa gone? I always ask myself this. It's beginning to give me a headache and i'm not sure how to deal with it besides sleeping on it. It's like i'm too tired and lazy to even laugh at jokes anymore. I think it's time to self-evaluate and start over. I think it's time to escape. Time to pretend.
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10 August 2008 @ 07:25 pm
So Dad and I went to go look for houses, since everyone wants to move so badly. We find a perfect one, where we live no more than 5 minutes within walking distance next to our closest friends. The owner is the mother of Kevin Svalesen. We hit it off really well. She was offering us to move in right away. She was willing to let us move in whenever we WANTED. School is about to start in 15 days and that is what we EXACTLY need right now, since the whole Mien's house ordeal failed.

The house is a street away from Bobby's, three blocks away from Ally's, two blocks away from Farnaz's and it's close enough to walk to school. Do you know how fun it would be to go to school with all of us in the car together? Apparently, she doesn't. Kim was the one who proposed the idea to find a school within a close enough range to go to Poteet. She changed her mind. Because the house has THREE bedrooms, because it's in the POTEET district. What the fucking hell. And her main reason? Anyone? Let me tell you. Because Poteet has too much 'drama'.



Move with Mom, we don't have enough patience to deal with you anymore. Go, we don't CARE. Drop out, you might save us more money that way since half of the reason you claim has to do with money. Would you rather go to Poteet where you will get in trouble but won't have to pay many fines? Or would you go to Skyline, where you're bound to become a truant once again where you'll cost Dad TRIPLE the fucking money to go to court.

Don't talk to me about deals. The house is way too dominant to even be compared to this cubicle we live in. We would pay the exact amount but for a better environment, plenty of space, and we'll be with FRIENDS. Don't talk to me about anything, because I can backfire with twice as much shit to say than you could ever come up with. Do us all a favor and just grow the fuck up and just take every shit that gets thrown at you like we ALL have.

God damn.
10 August 2008 @ 04:28 pm
Last night was Marissa's younger sister's birthday party. Ally and I were invited to go (bad idea). It was held at Texas Elite Gymnastics right on the other side of Lakepointe Church. Thoa and Ally + Trampolines, awwyeaah. Unfortunately, there were too many "little shits" running around so we had to keep our mouths clean for the night until they went to sleep. We swung on ropes and fell a couple of times. I've humiliated myself for the last time last night, lmao.

All-in-all it was a really fun party, especially catching up with Marissa and getting 20 minutes of sleep before we had to evacuate by 7:30 am. We talked a shitload last night. It was really refreshing. Any who, father turned off my cell phone because he assumed I keep using the internet (which i've stopped) but what really happened was: ring tone ads that they keep sending me through text messages.

Well fuck life, huh? :)
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27 July 2008 @ 04:22 am
One word. FUCKINGGR8. I'm too lazy to type it so here.


Just read her novel.

10 July 2008 @ 01:45 am
"You're lucky I respect him!"
"You don't think i'm sick and tired of this?"
"Selfish whore." "Bitch. FUCK YOU."

I shouldn't have said those things. After the both of us shoved each other against the walls, pulled each other's hairs and sinked our nails into the other's skin, I still regret saying those things. I ran out to the living room and punched the wall a good eleven times, leaving just torn knuckles. She left a mark on my arm, but that'll heal eventually.

Daddy ran to me and embraced me.

He said, "I know, it's because of me." I bawled. I told him what I felt about this dysfunctional family. After Mom left us, this hasn't been a family since. Thi ran out to comfort Dad and I. He also apologized for yelling at me. They didn't need to apologize.

I shouldn't have mentioned about Mom or how much of a hell hole this family has been in. Now Dad's out on the couch sulking about when he should be resting in his room for work tomorrow. You know, sometimes, I just want to overdose on pills and run away from my problems. His existence is my motivation. I don't know whether it's PMSing or just the fact that i've been ready to come clean about things but, I regret it. I'm sorry Dad.

I'll try to be a better daughter. So we can all live through this. Hopefully.
04 July 2008 @ 12:51 am
So yesterday, Ally spent the night over at my place and we had some funtimes. We called the abomination and it talks non-stop. Misty pretended to be Mien but we altered the name to Mia. Anywho, after that, Julien came to pick us up and he bought us ice cream. I screwed him over with a fake father-phone-call and went inside the house, leaving Ally miserable in the boy's car. Misty left the nuts all on his seats. God we're a bunch of bitches. Well, after that we DUN DUN DUN. We somehow escaladed into watching some pretty raunchy stuff. Like two girls and a cup, four girls finger painting, one girl and a phone, one girl and a pitcher, the pain olympics, and a man and a horse. Trash cans are great. And that was like, a trippy drug.

Anywho, Ally and I never had much sleep. We cooked food around three and attempted to sleep around four until my sister started to blare such depressing Anime endings. So we laid in bed talking about horrible anime endings. Ally and I got up at the same time to grab the laptop to watch sad endings, lmao. It was an emotional rollercoaster. Ally and I watched Vampire Knight, The Lion King, PARAKISS, and tried Bokura Ga Ita. I went to bed around six and Ally, eight. (AM)

I woke up late to my sister calling me to pick her up from Summer School. Aiyaaa D: On the way there, the mob of bogies on the surface of my eyelids made it hard to drive. After we got home, Ally and I tried to push in a few hours of sleep. I woke up to my brother being in the shower, which resulted in me beig late to pick Mien and Chstuh up.

We went to the mall and I came home and crashed until around ten earlier. Misty and I attempted to bribe father for the Food Stamps but it failed, miserably. So the both of us went out into the kitchen and became a team. We found spaghetti noodles hiding in the nook in our cabinent! So we made spaghetti with our preservatives still in good shape and our Prego sauce, teehee. We found Limes in the bottom drawer (no one ever goes through there) and decided to make Limeade. It was pretty badass. So the left over chicken stock was calling to me and I decided to make some soup.

Than I realized we had like Cayenne Pepper, Paprika, Okra, Beef, Chicken, Sausages, Baby Clams, Onions, Roux, Oil and Carrots. So I made GUMBO! It was really good, except when I mistakened the salt for pepper and fucked it up. Ugh. Well, it still came out good. Well, before you hit the toilet haha. So all-in-all it was a pretty good day. I was able to get in some hours of sleep and let me tell you, it's good fo being a nocturnal. :D
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30 June 2008 @ 02:22 am
So Thu decided to take the family out to eat before he goes to jail, or if. After we finished eating, My sister went to get her haircut/hilighted. She isn't fond of it but she doesn't understand that it looks absolutely gorgeous. Anywho, Dad took me home to leave her there, knowing it would take hours to be done. As soon as I got home, I took a pair of scissors and chopped my hair off. It came out to look REALLY good too.

I woke Misty up and told her to come with me to pick Ally up to buy a new flat iron/staightener. After we got a hold of Ally, we went to Sally's and got it for 32 bucks and it works just as good as the Chi. Awesome, eh? After that, we figured to go by Napoli's which is right around the corner of the square so Misty can get free food. Ally and I just went into Lonestar books to look at mangas.

After that, we drove a few blocks away to Dollar General to buy car shit and the cashier gave us an attitude. What. A. Cunt. Misty said she was probably on wellfare, lol. I let Misty drive us to the closest Car Wash where we spent a good hour cleaning every INCH of the Van. We wiped it with disinfecting wipes, washed it with car wash spray, set in odor-free vent trinkets and bought a little brush to HAND sweep it ourselves. Let me tell you, I am SO pleased with the van except for the fact that I want to the clean the windows again.

I guess if you actually put some effort into doing something, odds are that you'll get the result you were expecting. Well anyways, the car doesn't smell like sour ass and cigarette butts anymore, which is fucking GREAT. An hour ago, (around 2:15 am) Misty and I went to get food at Mcdonalds and we rescued a dog who was <--this--> close to getting shit-canned. We fed him and gave him a shelter without my father's consent, but he started to have a slight barking problem. I took him to Ally's house because her parents would (hopefully) understand. After I got home, she called to tell me he was like a cat in heat so I told her to pop open her window and keep him out there. He's already gotten a hold of her scent so he won't go too far. Now i'm sitting on my toilet seat blogging about this while Mien's talking to me about Beck. Off to playing Ragnarok! (which came back on, btw) P.S. We named him Peanut. :)
28 June 2008 @ 08:36 pm
So father gave me fifteen bucks this morning to get food for my sister and I. I was generous enough to ask Misty to come along with me so I can get the both of them something. On the way home, I dropped by the house, that was for sale, to take pictures and before you know it, Misty and I were out taking pictures of houses in Mesquite.

Than Thi calls and yells at us, asking where the rest of the money is. What in HELL does it have to do with him? So he threatens to 'charge' me up and asks for Misty. He tells Misty that their relationship is 'over'. Misty, who doesn't give a shit, shrugs it off and tells me that he'll come running back like a needy, homeless boy. The only reason why he scolded the both of us was because we could've bought him a pack of SQUARES. What the hell.

27 June 2008 @ 09:36 am
So I went out of my way to go get James again, last night. Misty, Ally, and I took the wrong turn, which would make this the third time, by the way. It's always the ride to but not from there, what a fucking nuisance. After a good twenty minutes, I got back on the main road, almost running into two cars (trying to get all the way to the left lane). After we got the little cunt (haha), We go to Ally's to get her a few clothes and etc and than we head unto Half Price Bookstore. We got a hold of White Noise (great movie), Clerks II (ZOMG hilarious), and Saved (Patrick Fugit is so cute). We went to Taco Bell (yes, AGAIN) to get some food and while at the window, we were blaring N'sync and the manager laughed his balls off. It was 4:00 am and we MADE his fucking day. Well, i'll type more later because apparently, the day is only getting 'better'. OH, and another thing, apparently "James rocks Ally's world", though there's not much to work with (teehee).


Mien came over around 10 am and we got to watch Clerks II AGAIN. (sigh) After that, I went on a cleaning rampage and the four of us went to bed. (separate times, of course) After we dropped Mien off around 6:30, we were on our way to take James home. We didn't get lost today! (yay!) On the way home, on Cedar Ridge, there was this HUGE turtle (or small tortoise, whichever you may prefer) and I parked to the clostest street by the creature. Ally and Misty ran to go get him while I watched the car and when they came back, Ally dropped CHESTER. (Ally named it) After twenty minutes of getting him from under the car and yelling at eachother in front of a stranger's house, we threw him in a duffle bag and drove to White Rock Lake. (back in Dallas)

It was nice to see Chester swim into that lake. I felt.."right".
Well anywho, that's the only exciting thing that happened today. So..TOODLES. 8D

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